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the local rides in and around Sydney offer varied challenges for riders of all capabilities. whether it’s a hill ride through the eastern suburbs, weekly racing at homebush bay or nerve-wracking criteriums at Heffron Park, there’s something for everyone

sometimes though, you need a little bit more. something that you haven’t experienced¬†or somewhere you haven’t been

we at urban cyclist are strong believers of doing things differently, and that includes our riding. with so many cycling destinations around the world it’s hard to pick just where to go. so, we choose destinations that include classics (such as the french pyrenees) as well as destinations you might not normally consider for riding, such as the california wine district north of san fransisco. we like to go where the riding is great, the views spectacular and the cameraderie enhanced through shared experience

take a look at the travel side of urban cyclist – oth tours. here you will see what we mean when we use superlatives like great, spectacular and experience. if you like what you see then gives us a call 02-8399 1229 or email us with your enquiry

you’re sure to like what you see

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